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Scandinavia Zwickeys Addition 1867
Scandinavia about 1910
Scandinavia Swiss Chapel

The village of Scandinavia is one of the oldest villages in Waupaca, Wisconsin. Its first settlers came in 1850, which was only two years after the first white had sttled in Waupaca, and the Township of Scandinavia was officially organized just four years later.


Kaspar Zwicky from Mollis, Canton Glarus, arrived in 1845, his mother was to join him, but she died shortly after. He came first to Oshkoshh in 1845 where he lived for a couple of years working at anything he could find. After marrying Anna Invgwerson, he became 1850/51 the founder of the Swiss colony Scandinavia.  He claimed 200 acres and built a small house. When the county surveyed in 1853 they found that his house stood on four sections: 3,4,9,10. He also helped other families come over and settle in Scandinavia.

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Historical Maps

Link to the Platbook Township Map 1889

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