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Glarner Historical Family Trees

Family Tree Wild from Schwanden
Designed by Samuel Wild 1895

Wild Schwanden Stammbaum Samuel Wild 1895 korr.jpg

Family Tree Blumer

Designed by Georg Anton Gangyner 1840

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Family Tree Dürst

Designed by G. Heer Zurich 1921

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Family tree from the marriage of Joachim Dürst with Regina Elmer (1617), compiled by Pastor G. Heer in Betschwanden. Comp. & Lith. by Hofer & Burger, Zurich. In the upper right area of the image in rectangular text area: "Dedicated to his dear father by Nikolaus Dürst, Zurich. (born 1868)". In the lower part of the picture as background of the family tree as pencil drawing the city of Zurich seen from the lake.  Compiled by Pfarrrer G. Heer in Betschwanden and ev. by Nikolaus Dürst, Comp. & Lith by Hofer & Burger, Zurich 1895.

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