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Recommended Books about Glarus

Below is a list with interesting books about Glarus sorted according to the main topics. Most of these books are not anymore available in bookstores but could be found on second hand book platforms like

Geschichte des Landes Glarus

Kommissionsverlag J. Baeschlin, Glarus 1952

by Jakob Winteler


Volume 1: XVIII / 483 pages

Volume 2: XI / 690 pages

Benchmark book about the History of Glarus

Volume 1: From the beginnings to 1638

Volume 2: 1638 to the present

Geschichte der Stadt Glarus

Buchdruckerei J. Spälti, Glarus, 1911

by Heinrich Spälti


336 pages

Comprehensive history of the town of Glarus, including folded maps of Glarus and other illustrations.

Glarus - Geschcihte eines ländlichen Hauptortes

Verlag Tschudi & Co., Glarus, 1961

by Jakob Winteler


304 pages

Comprehensive history of the town of Glarus, including numerous illustrations and a photo of the old Glarus model before the fire.

Geschichte der Gemeinde Netstal

Kommissionsverlag J. Baeschlin, Glarus 1922

by Paul Thürer


VIII / 591 pages

Book about the History of Netstal.

Handel und Industrie des Kantons Glarus

Aktienbuchdruckerei Glarus, 1898

by Adolf Jenny-Trümpy


Volume 1: 126 pages

Volume 2: 710 pages

Historical representation of the industrial history of the Canton Glarus. Two books in one volume.

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