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Menzi Family Crest (Wappenbuch Glarus)

Occurrence in Glarus

Filzbach / Obstalden

About the Menzi Family

Old, widespread, reformed council family from Filzbach and Obstalden of unknown origin. A Catholic, numerically weak lateral line in Näfels dies out in the 1st half of the 18th century. In 1413 the "Alt Mentzi" donates to the chaplaincy of Näfels. Hans Menzi, who is on trial in 1546, swore an oath of honour in 1548, 1557 and 1559. Andreas Menzi is represented in the French soldier lists of 1556; various Menzi men are also mentioned in the rifle records of 1582 and 1589, including Jörg Menzi, who died as a councillor in 1614. In 1919 one family is naturalized in Mollis, in 1936 another in Winterthur.


  • Menzihaus on Lake Lützel in Hombrechtikon. The almost stately timber-framed house in Lake Lützelsee was built around 1739 by Hans Jakob Hürlimann. However, the house took its name from the Menzi family who lived in it between 1874 and 1964. Fridolin (1822-1893) and Rosina Menzi-Menzi (1835-1901) were the first of three generations to run the house and farm on Lake Lützelsee. 

  • Ernst Edwin Menzi (1897-1984) invented the first walking excavator Menzi Muck in 1966, which made him world famous.



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