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I can help you to research your family tree. In Glarus the first records of individuals and families in general began in the middle of 1500 and were kept by the local priest. These church books and the genealogical records of Johann Jakob Kubly-Müller are the main sources for my research in Switzerland. In the meantime, my database contains about 255'000 individuals related to Glarus. However, a large part of my research also includes the emigrant families and their descendants in America. Most of these emigrants left Glarus in the second half of the 19th century and in the meantime the 7th generation is already living in the United States of America. 


As a rule, the information includes not only the date of birth, wedding and death, but also information about the time of emigration, the profession or offices held. In my database I also have hundreds of obituaries, which contain interesting information about the deceased and his family. This information is also available. Normally I can create a family tree for every source person living today, which goes back at least 15 generations, i.e. back to the 13th great-grandparents, who lived around 1430-1450. Such a family tree would theoretically include about 32'000 ancestors. Due to the so-called pedigree collapse, however, the number is much less in each case, but the family trees still contain 100 to 300 pages, depending on how many Glarus ancestors are included.

The family trees or genealogical reports created by me contain the first names and surnames, the date of birth with the hometown and/or place of birth, the date and place of death and the date and place of marriage. In addition, the researches contain if known the profession and offices held, the register reference in the genealogy work of Kubly-Müller, other source information and in the case of emigrants also the emigration date or the immigration date, the port of disembarkation and the port of arrival as well as the name of the ship. I also have obituaries and other information about the person from many Glarners, which are printed in a descendant report or an ancestor report.


I can offer you the following products:


A. Graphics


1. Pedigrees: The pedigree graphic is the most commonly used format for displaying a family tree and shows a graphical representation of direct ancestors. Usually I can display at least 15 generations in this way. The genealogical table contains, in addition to the surnames and first names of the ancestors, their dates of birth, marriage and death. Also on this chart information about the profession, if this information is available in the sources, as well as the reference to the register entry in the genealogy work of Johann Jakob Kubly-Müller. I also include - where available - illustrations of the ancestors and the corresponding official family coat of arms according to the coat of arms book of Glarus.


See example of a traditional representation of a pedigree:

See example of a pedigree in the fan shape display:


2. Relationship graph: The relationships graph is a graphical representation of the kinship relationship of one person to another, including the relationship of each person in between. 

See Example of a Relationship Graph:

3. Descendant graphic: The descendant graphic is a graphic representation of the descendants of a previously determined starting person. If the descendants as well as the ancestors are to be represented over a number of generations, one speaks of an hourglass graphic.

See example of an hourglass graphic:


B. Genealogical reports


1. Pedigree Report: The Pedigree Report uses a format that starts with an initial person and goes back in time to the ancestors of the initial person. 

See example of a pedigree report:

2. Descendant report: The descendant report uses a format that starts with an ancestor and shows all his descendants. 

See example of a descendant report:


3. Family chronicles

See example of a family chronicle (in extracts):

C. Costs


Costs for genealogical reports and graphics: USD / CHF 15.00 per generation in ascending and descending hierarchy. Family chronicles are charged according to expenditure and usually cost between CHF 2,000 and 3,000. All these reports and diagrams are made available to you electronically in PDF format. Contact me via the contact button.

Pedigree Sample.png
Pedigree Chart Fan.png
Relationship Sample 1.png
Hourglass Sample.png
Nachkommenreport Sample 2.png
Nachkommenreport Sample 1.png
Ahnentafelreport Sample 2.png
Ahnentafelreport Sample 1.png
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