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Genealogical Glossaries

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1. Glarus Genealogical Glossary Part I: Job Titles and Terms in the Textile Industry



2. Glarus Genealogical Glossary Part II: Offices and Functions



3. Glarus Genealogical Glossary Part III: General Terms used in old Glarus

4. Description of Glarus Field Names Rüti, Schwändi and Riedern (only in German)

5. Periods and Sources of Genealogy in Glarus (English)

6. Landvögte (Beillifs) from Glarus (only in German)

7. Description of Functions and Offices in old Glarus (only in German)

8. List with all Landammänner, Amänner and Meier from Glarus 

9. Old Names of Diseases

10. The political institutions of Glarus and the office holders

11. Glarner Culinary Heritage

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