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Your own Family Chronicle - a very special gift for family members

Family chronicles tell the story of a family, often over many generations, sometimes even back to Charlemagne. But not only dates and documents appear in them. Every family chronicle is a unique treasure chest. For generations, it carries the knowledge about the family and thus preserves memories about ancestors. Some family books describe anecdotes or stories about individual personalities or events. In others, historical events are very formative. These connections are to be put in context in chronicles. Developments in the environment, surroundings, region or country, be they political, social or economic, may have had a great influence on the fate of a family. In these cases, it is good to describe these developments.

Family chronicles are, strictly speaking, collected genealogical charts with the data of the ancestors and documents from archives. Family histories, while also data-based, also include accounts from biographies and necrologies. Portraits and detailed mini-biographies of individuals may be part of these books. Chronicles should be easy to read because they can be as varied as the history and stories they tell. Chronicles are enriched with information, documents, and pictures provided, making them distinctively unique.

The family chronicles written by me place the family to be portrayed in the respective historical context and thus make them also an interesting and numerous illustrated history book about the history of Glarus. Most Glarus families can be traced back well into the 16th century, meaning they span a period of at least 15 generations.

Each book is printed on high quality glossy paper with thread binding. A dust jacket is also available upon request. Such a family chronicle makes an ideal gift for family members. Have I aroused your interest? You can find more about it in the online shop. Go to Online Shop.

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