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SSGS Swiss Society for Genealogical Studies

The Swiss Genealogical Society is a non-profit association with about 450 members. It is committed to researching the relationships of descent within families, also known as genealogy, and represents the interests of this field to its members throughout Switzerland. The aims are pursued through the publication of a yearbook, a periodical newsletter and specialist events. The SGFF's activities are rounded off by an information centre, a bookshop, a library and an archive.

The SGFF was founded in 1933 as an umbrella organisation. In 1997, it switched to a network-based approach. SGFF sees itself primarily in a mediating role, which comes into play in projects specific to Switzerland. It coordinates the interests of this field at the national level. SGFF is a member of the Swiss Society for History (SGG), which supports it financially in specific projects.

A newsletter informs you about the life of the association. It contains all kinds of news, such as reports on planned or held events or on newly published genealogical literature. The current Newsletter 2022-3 page 16 reports about a positive experience of a member with my website.

If you would like to find out more about the SSGS, I recommend the following link:

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